Saturday, February 6, 2010

Animal Family Pics

"Kodie and Ranger"

She had just taken her bottle.

"Wished he was a heifer"

"Betsy Rose"

"Lavender (foreground) & Brin (Besty Rose's little doeling"
As I type Lavender is on my lap. She was cold, hungry and a weeeee bit stressed out. So in the house she came. You all knew it was going to happen... Right? *BG*


  1. Whwah is cute as all get out...I don't blame you a big for your feelings

  2. too sweet, all of them. I do think that little fella was envious of that bottle! Jenn

  3. Oh, they're all too cute and cuddly-looking, but Phoenix. That is my Phoenix, right? I've never named a goat before, and I'm delighted to see that she looks like a thinker!

    Thanks for the pics!