Friday, February 5, 2010

New Babies

A new bull calf (whom I'm naming "Wished you were a heifer"), 3 new goats who have managed to get out more times than they have been in, and snow falling. Right now I'm hoping for a early spring, that Lavender eats well in the morning, an WYWH will even try to take his bottle (stubborn little $%%^#@@!), and so forth and so on.

Tomorrow I will post pictures, but they are on the P&S and it won't download onto my laptop. But it will on the desktop. I don't understand and I don't even try to anymore. Just go with the flow.

I've been reading blogs on the NAIS (so glad they are dropping it for now), HSUS (no comment), and family life in general. Right now I'm tired and just want to hit the hay... and maybe just maybe get some sleep.

All in all this month just has me in a funk. AND NO it's not for the normal reason that most single women can be depressed for this month. That doesn't bother me... other things do though... memories of years ago. Amazing how one person can affect your life. All while being lonely, depressed and insecure... not me another person. Some day I will go more into this. Right now... he's, they, them slash slash aren't worth the time.

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