Monday, February 1, 2010


Today is over with... THANK GOODNESS. It's been a busy one and thankfully it was a nice day out, chilly but nice. We went and looked at two goats and their kids, bought one of them and a doe kid. :) The older doe comes with a doe kid and we are getting another doe kid. They are SOOOOO sweet! But then what baby animal isn't cute? :)

Pictures to come after their arrival.

So nothing much new is happening around here. Snow is melting and making mud, hose has sprung a leak, we can't find anyone who will deliver any DRY wood so we have been about freezing. Thankfully a friend of the family gave us a little that is dry to get us by until we can hopefully find seasoned, dried, non GREEN, split, NON GREEN, burnable wood.

It's days when it's cold and your cold, and you have to look at a house that is going on the THIRD year of you not being able to live in it all because of greed and a STUPID contractor... not saying he is literally stupid, just stupid in the way of dang his sorry hide. How can ANY one do this to people? I just don't know. But after all he did say... Bad things happen to good people and it's a good thing you have that old house, and if you ever want or need to sell the farm I want first chance at it. Sigh... I'm not bitter about it... today it's just hard not to think about it. WHY, I don't know.

On to happier things...hay is coming tomorrow... woo hoo!!!!! :) Wish is was alfalfa but OH WELL... I'll be happy with anything at this point... as long as it's not rotten. :)

Nite all...

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  1. I feel so bad for you being cold. We have the same issue here all too often and it is just miserable not to have a warm house to come into after work. Some nights I can't wait to go to bed with a couple of hot water bottles just to get warm for a change. Hope you do find some good wood!