Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good hay

It takes so little to make me a happy person. Good hay is one of them. Today we got some good hay... fall cut fescue, that's green. Sigh... it's a good feeling... I could cry. I know it's silly to cry over hay, but when it seems that people just want to always pull a fast one or not want to be stuck with bad hay at your expense, or sell you over priced hay. It's just a relief to have hay in the yard that you don't have to worry about your cows getting sick over.

All in all I'm fairly easy to keep happy, good hay, good milk prices, good cows, good sewing machine, good equipment, and life is good :) What more could I ask for... WELL I could go on, but why push it. lol

Dreaming of Spring days here... also... off subject, but when is someone going to get that glorious groundhog some sunglasses? :-/ Seed catalogs online and in paper form are my new best friends these days.

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