Thursday, March 11, 2010

Illinois Farmer Tribute...

Isn't this the truth. It's in my blood... how can people idly say "Can't you get a job in town? It's just a farm, or bad stuff happens to good people (this said by the first contractor who has put us in the postition we are in)".


  1. I am reading "Fast Food Nation" and I am amazed at the position that farmers are in right now. I love the farm life and if I could find a good farm boy to settle down with I would, but it is not an easy life I know. I just hope that the winds are changing.

  2. I'm with ya!!! It's sad that our government has done what it's done to it's farmers. This country was built on the backs of farmers.

    It's one little thing all the Reagan fans forget, what he did to the farmers.

    OH well won't go there! :) Hey if you ever find a good farm boy and settle down, see if he has a brother! LOL still waiting for that farmer in shining tractor to sweep me off my feet. LOL