Friday, March 12, 2010

I have Decided

Eating Brisket for 3 days in a row is making me ill... lets hear it for PORK, CHICKEN, heck... FISH!

Babies goats can get rude, obnoxious, and in need of character lessons at 7:30 AM... :-) LOL this is an inside joke... funny the same thing was said about me many moons ago... shocking I know!

March came in like a Lion... so let it be written (by me) so let it be done!

Calves when they are getting close to weaning get like the baby goats... see #2

Feed companies cover them selves well... Short a person 8 days worth of feed and it's the farmers fault. Yup this just happened to us...

Today is a good day to crawl back under the covers with a good book, popcorn, and something good to drink.

Lawyers (majority) and contractors are in the same class... both promise things they can not and will never do and blame you for it if it doesn't work out or your not happy with the work.

Today can be a good day... notice I didn't say it will be... that is a sure sign things will go wrong.


I've also decided that cutting ones bangs at almost 11 at night is not the smartest thing a person can do...  I'm admitting NOTHING! I'm just going to stay home a lot for the next few weeks. :)

1 comment:

  1. Babies of any variety can be obnoxious at 7:30 am. In fact, I think it's required. I was called Sarah Bernhardt when I was a kid. (Ask your mother. She'll explain.)

    It's not the smartest thing in the world to cut your toe nails at 11 at night, especially when you've just started taking a new medication that makes you dizzy. Apparently, we were both stupid at the same time. At least there wasn't any blood. :)