Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"kids" ~N~ Spring

Yes Spring has Sprung... 

"The Kitten and the Kid"
Hey best I could do... no lion, no lamb... Just my Treasure and Webster... :)

"Play time!"
L-R Lavonne, Treasure, White Fang, Schuster 

Aren't those the CUTEST ears! She's our only full-blooded Nubian doeling...

Babies... :)

The one in front is Rosebud... Just known as Bud around here... Her and Treasure are best of friends...

Lavonne, Simon and White Fang...
Oh the beauty of Spring...


  1. Great photos...really made me smile. Thanks for your kind words when I needed them. I am so grateful for my blog friends.

  2. Too precious! I haven't seen a baby goat up personal in a long time, so I have to ask: Are Treasure & Webster really about the same size, or is it an optical illusion? And yes - I think it qualifies as the lion and the lamb. :)

    But ... I don't see my Phoenix. :(

    And I'm very jealous. You have spring bulbs blooming! Ours have barely broken the surface.