Monday, March 29, 2010

Wishing for 5th gear...

It all started when I was coming home the other day. I just wanted to get home... and of course I got behind one ton flat bed, with a driver that would NOT get near the speed limit. You

You could tell he was shifting from low, to one, so forth and so on... but I don't think the guy ever got to 5th. sigh... I just kept thinking of a neighbor/friend we have (who is no longer farming)... he was well into his 70's at the time... God bless him... and he decided he needed a new flatbed truck. So him and his wife went out and bought one... note... it had been a cloudy Spring... well one day the sun shone through the windshield just right and he noticed that he had 5 GEARS not 4... so he thought he might as well try it out... well... :) he went in the ditch I believe. He wasn't paying attention to the road... just the thrill of 5th.

So that got me wish (on the straight parts of the road) that this gentleman in front of me would find 5th and get the lead out! Not that I wanted him in the ditch... just to move faster than a turtle. Oh well... I got home and that's all that matters. 

Now if thing would get back to normal... if there is anything like that. :)

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