Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost in OOOOOOklahoma

Where the winds came sweeping down the plains... where the wavin' wheat was baled up neat, and the wind came right before the rain!!!!!!

Well this time yesterday mom and I were pert near OK City, You know I was doing pretty good, even hit the same gas station I did last year, on the same oops thought that was the toll booth... sigh... but some how I managed to get lost in OK city... how you ask... I would love to know that one also!

We were on our way to Dallas! EGADS!!!! MOMMY... she was with me... doing very well with the fact that we were lost. That there were 6-8 lanes of merging here there and yon traffic. sigh... When the little man as the gas station didn't give great direction... (get on 35 N to 240... that's it... OK BUT WHERE ON 240?) I stopped at a Home Depot... thanks to the nice girl there I got the right exit and was on the outskirts of Blanchard with in  20 minutes.

Coming home was much better, no getting lost, hit every blessed toll booth (spent well over $20.00 in tolls grrrr) and I think we saw over 20 troopers. :) I almost hit one... well I was trying to get over and he was zooming up from behind... I'm sure he thought... Missouri driver what do you expect!?!?

On a funny note... we passed the same RV 4 times!!!!! LOL it was so funny... we pulled off a few times and they caught up, and then we passed them. :) the forth time it was like... it can't be... it IS, it's Mountain Air with the temp tag! LOL!!

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