Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's been raining for what seems like forever, in reality it's only been a few days. But I already I'm more than tired of mud, being wet, overcast and gloomy sky's.

The only bright spot has been doing some sewing here and there, getting my starter block sent off for the "A Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee" and receiving the first block all in the same day. Now to find some kind of inspiration!

Farm wise it's been going, weaning the kids, running the truck out of gas, finding a new calf, having cows across the creek that didn't get milking until the evening... It's been a full week and I'm glad it's almost Sunday so there can been some much needed rest and relaxation. Even if it is going to be a drippy and thundering day.


  1. I hate it when it rains there. I feel bad for you and the next thing I know it is raining here....

  2. Hi you! I know, long time no see. I can't get my time on the internet balanced! I may not come by but you and your family are almost always on my heart and then in my prayers too. I see you switched to the designer templates. I tried to use one of my own photos for the background - it tiles and gets too busy! But they have some good choices that work. The picture loading thing drives me nuts sometimes (esp. w/lots of photos to post!) Your blog looks good. Always enjoy catching up. Tractor 1 Tines 1. (Photo of your mom). Say hi to your mom! Love, Jenn (always thanks for stopping by! I'm working on doing better about it)