Sunday, May 23, 2010

The project from...

H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!!! I was doing this block... it would have been such a pretty little block... But would it go together? NOOOOO after sewing, and ripping, sewing and ripping... I gave up... decided to do a different block. And would that do any better? HA! I even did it by paper piecing... sew, rip, sew, rip sew, rip, sew... be done with it!

I just have two more sections to go and then I can put it together, add the borders, quilt it, bind it, and send it on it's merry little way. :) woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

Well chores are calling...


  1. Oh I hate paper piecing! It is so hard to rip those tiny little stitches when I make a mistake, not to mention having to tear off all that paper... But it IS a good way to make a perfect block :) I bet your quilt will be beautiful! Please do post a pic when you are finished.

  2. for some reason I can't even get it right doing the paper piecing... right now I don't care (I will but right now I don't) It's just a little wall hanging and I'm thinking of changing it yet again! ARGH!!!!!