Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Was a long and hot day... humid also... At least the calves have been vaccinated, wormed, all that good stuff. We've only been trying for over a month to get it done... Now if the weather will hold for just one more day with out precipitation I'll be a somewhat happy camper... :)

Sewing was put on the back burner... I'm frustrated... why can't things just click?! I am going to try and finish up a great many things today. Well... we'll see. It might happen tonight. Just to get ONE thing done would be fantastic
OH and my letter was finally published in Hoard's Dairyman... :) shortened... err edited... but published none the less. OH and right above it was a letter... from NAME WITHHELD... GRRRRR If you remember that was one of my complaints... not complaint really... just something that irks me.


  1. We don't subscribe to Hoard's any more because we got mad at them for assorted stuff....things like hiring a former milker with no credentials other than having milked cows for someone else to write editorial pieces for them. However, just for this month I wish we still got it so I could read your letter. Good for you for caring enough to write.

  2. Hi Sara,

    I am sorry to say that we are full up on the fresh and funky bee this time, but if we run another we will keep your details and contact you. Thanks for your interest. Maria