Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Machineless in MO

So I took my "baby nina" (bernina that is) to get the spring fixed. Well my hillbilly fix it worked. He told me that it would fine and dandy no worries. HOWEVER... it needed a good cleaning blah blah blah... he had me when he said it was soon going to freeze up. EGADS! and that it would be costly... soooo I have no sewing machine to stitch with...

BUT  I did get my Modify Tradition Swap quilt done... And the Ravishing in Red Blocks done... and several DOA quilt blocks... :)


  1. Those are super-cool! You're lucky you got anything done with the machine problems you've been having. I just got my sewing machine back from its first-ever cleaning...definitely worth it!

  2. Beautiful blocks! Let me know if you want me to throw the FW in the car tomorrow for you to use until yours comes back. Just email me..your mom has my email in case you don't.