Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trying times in Sewingville

Finally... I sat myself down and got busy sewing... that's when it seemed all sewing  H E Double hockey sticks... broke loose. First the thread gets all tangled, then the needle breaks and it won't go back to sewing right (fixed that... don't know how but it's fixed), then I was just going along and it felt like the feed dogs were down. And I didn't lower them... come to find out the spring that holds the presser foot thingy broke... don't ask me how!

I just wanted to get the project finished! would that be just to much to ask? I guess so... grrrrrrr.... Anyway I have the old spring temporally holding. I'm hoping I can just buy the spring and not have to take the machine in for a service call. If that happens I will call the world over to find just the part... well with in reason. :)


  1. Ohhh so sorry Sara. If you need to borrow a machine I have a Singer Featherweight I could lend you until yours is fixed. It has a nice straight stitch for piecing.

  2. Thanks Missy, I should have mine fixed this AM. YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!! Don't you just love your featherweight?! I think I would mind if I could just get the timing right. :)