Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why can't

Goats be more like cattle? Why doesn't the Bible call us goats rather than sheep? We've had both and let me tell ya people we are much more like goats than sheep!

I've decided that buck kids are from the devil... at least when they get to a certain age. Egads... hormones were running WILD last night. It's cute when you have one buck going around acting goofy, doing his bubbly grunty sticking out the tongue thing... but when there are 13 baby bucks doing this... not so cute. More like insanity. Rut has come early... I only hope I can live through it... yeah I know being a little dramatic, but honestly... it does wear on the nerves. And when your nerves are already fried by the goings on of the last three years, trying to remain positive and happy despite the overwhelming (at times) situation, well there are just some days you are glad at the end of the day you made one more day without losing it.

And so forth and so on... :) Well I better be heading off for morning chores... it's already hot and humid... should be a fun morning... yes that was said in a sarcastic tone of type.

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  1. Boy, do I know what you mean about the trying to remain positive and all. If any of us farm women actually get to have a good day we will be so happy we won't know what to do!