Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spring into Summer

It's cherry, strawberry, and mulberry season... With the Raspberries, Blackberries, cucumbers, and grapes right on their heels. Today has been spent doing up 10 qts of strawberries the neighbors gave us. So far we have 3 pints of jelly, 10 pints of strawberry- lemonade concentrate and that's it so far. Also there has been a fair amount of eating :)... They go great with mulberries right off the tree...

A longer post to come... it's been a sewing, receiving, cooking, canning week... tired... :)
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  1. Hay-lo. Was thinking about you and came by. Read to catch up to last time. You've been busy, as always. Did you see my Pink Sat post for this weekend? Last night, after I posted it, I was staring at the "donkey" planter pictures. I've called it, mom's called, grandma must've called it a "donkey" for as long as I can remember. BUT I think it might be a moo?! I can't tell, can you? I asked me mom, she laughed and said basically what I've just told you. Black and white donkey? Is there such a thing? Cow hooked up to a wagon? Is there such a thing? We're laughing, but I'm still curious! After all these years ... staring at it on a blog makes the question rise! ? Who knew? :) Jenn

  2. PS - mom says it's a donkey ... no doubt ... type of forehead, mouth and no horns = donkey. I figured the ears and hat. I meant to tell you before that your blog looks good - like your photo(s) on your post too!