Saturday, July 3, 2010


I really don't ever remember it being so dry in these parts so early. Thankfully there might be some chances for rain over the weekend. Maybe we'll get enough that the creeks will have some fresh pools... or even be running again!

We had some excitement here yesterday. A Blimp flew over!!! This is the second time in a few years this has happened...

And I've just thrown this one in because I like it! :) I bought 3 shades of Bougainvillea I believe this is the Peach? Pink? Maybe it's supposed to be Orange... I don't know or remember which is par for the coarse these days.  


  1. Oh, my that is beautiful! I always wondered what it looked like. Now I just need to learn to pronounce it. lol
    The cinnamon vine that you sent me is jut poking up through the ground how. I can't wait to see what it looks like...and thanks again for it.

  2. Oh I was wondering how it was doing! Ours is a week or so from blooming... :) You should get some of the Bougainvillea, of which I'm ALWAYS corrected when I pronounce it! Just point to it! :) lol