Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yeah I know it's been awhile... just can't seem to wrap my fingers around the keyboard to make any sense of anything. SOOO lets just see how this goes.

Does anyone remember my post about the calves we "sold" and were brought back??? Well the one beef steer managed to either dislocate or fracture his leg coming off the trailer because they watered them on the trailer. I don't know... what can you say? other than... Hey DB and JK do you wanna come and see what you've cost us? Mr. going on my 27 or 28 missionary trip this fall? Sorry I just have problems with this person.

No new calves.... dried up 7 however. Cows that is. They aren't to thrilled but I wasn't so thrilled with one just giving a whole quart of milk for a morning milking. WOW... I keep telling out milk hauler one of these days we'll have more than a glorified DROP of milk. He keeps saying WHEN? sigh sigh sigh...

Maybe some new baby will be in the pasture tonight. Wouldn't that be loverly? (Just so you know spell check doesn't understand loverly as a properly spelled word.... who knew?!)

The weather has been great. :) No complaint's there.

I've decided to write the Secretary of Agriculture. For what ever it's worth. Hopefully the CIA or FBI won't show up after wards. :) I'll just plead insanity... or something...

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  1. Good for you! More folks should write him....I should write him!