Monday, November 23, 2009

Few and far between...

My dearest of mothers posts few and far between. Here is her latest post... true story... I was there :), going the 40 miles back and forth from home (love that word) to the hospital twice a day or more. Chores don't stop. And I can tell you it's not fun when you have to choose between taking care of your living or being with your mother who by all accounts shouldn't be here.

I gave myself one day of letting my mind run rampant with the what if's, planning it all out (I have a vivid imagination so I could "see" it all), and crying. Then it was no more, she would be fine, I wouldn't let anyone tell me otherwise. I KNEW it, down deep in my soul.

Moral of this is, NEVER let people tell you the worst is going to happen, to just take it and go on. God knows what he wants for you, and people will always plan your world to small. Be led by Peace... after all God's got your back, front,... he's got it all.

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  1. What an amazing story. I am so glad things turned out all right.