Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Of siggies, CD's, and a Treasure...

Oh and a fabric give away... who doesn't love free???  I recently came across one of the most refreshing quilting blogs in a long time. It makes me want to sew seams of fabric... alas there is no time. OK so there is time... I'm just to zorked out to concentrate on a machine and fabric and doing it right. SO anyway she is having a giveaway and you can go here and enter to win! And if you win you could just give me the stash and then we would all be happy. *big grin*

OK so you might remember that I had signed up for a modern siggie swap. WELL I got more done than expect and thought I might still have a shot at getting them sent. But the email ides of February and March weren't with me I guess. Never did hear back on where to send them. After multiple emails sent and none replied to I have just given up... Now what to do with them? That's the ever lovin' question??? :)

One more thing quilty related and then I'll get to farm stuff... OK so I was going to start on The Farmers Wife sampler quilt... It came with a niffy CD that you could print off the patterns with, woo hoo!!!! The only problem is... it's cracked in two! Thankfully the publisher is going to send me a new one, as they've had trouble with a lot of them cracking and breaking. Score one for me! and everyone else who had broken CD's. Now the waiting begins... I wonder if by the time it gets here I'll still be in the mood to start it.

And so we end this post with an update on my little Treasure... she is still alive, taking milk from a bottle!!!!, and doing a lot of sleeping (which of course is healing). We have to have Treasure time several times a day... meaning I need to be held, I need to nibble your hair, and I need to finally fall asleep and don't move me or I'll wake up. She's a sweetie pie and I love her dearly. Will post pictures later on today... sigh...

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  1. We are waiting on your siggies. Please try one more time to email rachel. Just go to her blog at p.s.iquilt and ask her to email you her address. She is newly pregnant and having morning sickness really bad.