Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day

It's been a long 5 months of running over the hill, thru the woods, up a hill to help a friend with her chores following shoulder surgery. Yes I was paid to go, had I been closer I wouldn't have asked and in all honesty she wouldn't have not given me something.

However times are tough and she couldn't afford me anymore. In a way I miss our morning chats, in other ways... I'm FREE! It's amazing how an hour in the morning just does something to throw my world out of sync.

The stress this past year has been awful. Between my former job (I quit... never went back after rumors of me steeling when I wasn't there started going around. Getting in trouble for having over time, losing preemie calves, etc etc etc TOO MUCH!), going over twice a day for 2 months for horse chores, a new puppy (who is 90+ pounds at almost 9 months) the baler business and life in general. UGH I don't know how to act with not having to go places constantly.

Sochi "Bearha"

  The BABY at 8 months old... prefixed state. NO babies for this baby. I knew I couldn't ever sell puppies, no one would be good enough. And lord help me I would loose my mind with more than on at puppy stage.

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