Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Update on Sochi

Like anyone reads or cares anymore. But Sochi has found her forever home. With a lovely family with 3 kids. Oh how she will love that. She looks sad, but I think I'm just wanting her to look sad a miss me a little. She will adjust, she needed this. But I needed her.

I keep thinking I'll stop crying, the hurting and aching will lessen but it hasn't. Some I'm sure will say it's part of my punishment for my past sins. So be it. I've lost all feeling I am numb. I don't care, or feel anymore. 

People think Ive done the wrong thing, some the right thing. It was right, so many things I've done have been the right thing to do not to say it didn't hurt me or others. At some point you have to stop the cycle.  I may not have executed it right, but it was the right thing to do. Everyone and everything deserves wings to fly to be where and do what God created them for. Be it a person or animal. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled like. 

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